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Welcome, and thanks for visiting my home page.

This is a small placeholder page, with some information about myself, just so I can claim I have a home page.. (I used to write it was Under Development, but after 8 10 12 years that gets old..)

E-mail: You can reach me at email address shown as an image to prevent spam. In case of problems with my primary email, my backup address is email address shown as an image to prevent spam.

About me

I was born in 1973, in Copenhagen, Denmark. I currently live in Cambridge, UK, and work for Citrix, in the XenClient team of what was formerly XenSource. Before that I worked with Symbian OS for a number of years. For a more comprehensive professional profile, you can check my LinkedIn profile.

My daughter Alanah Louise was born on 7th September 2006.

I have a dog called Freja (a Norse goddess). She is a yellow Labrador Retriever born on 29 August 2005.

I have a Linux page with stuff I've written for Linux.


These are a few of my favourite places on the net, in no particular order. And some things I don't like:
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